Listed below is a ‘walk through’ of our Covid-19 measures.


Before you leave home you should check your temperature and if you have any symptoms you MUST stay at home and follow the Government guidelines. Please email or leave a phone message before the performance so the theatre can arrange a credit note.


On arrival you will be asked to queue outside to have your tickets and temperature checked, so please wear appropriate clothing and a face covering. Unfortunately, if you have a reading above 38 degrees then the theatre will have to refuse entry for you and anyone you have travelled with. You will be issued with a credit note to be used at a future performance.

 Ideally we would like everyone to pre-book their tickets, but the Box Office will be open for contactless sales. You will have to wait outside and go through our safety checks before being able to buy tickets. Please remember we have limited capacity so booking in advance is highly recommended. 


Once inside you MUST sanitise your hands and if you have the NHS Track and Trace App on your phone you can check in.


There are QR scan codes at the sanitiser stations, by the Box Office, outside the Bar, opposite the easy access toilet and by the entrance door to the auditorium.


Once you have sanitised your hands you may purchase items from the kiosk or use the ladies, but always remember to keep left of the rope barrier and wear a face covering at all times.


We would prefer contactless payment but should you wish to pay by cash we will ask you to put your money in a plastic tray and your change will be put into a separate tray.


We ask that there be no more than 3 people at any one time in the toilets. Please sanitise your hands before entering and wait outside should the toilets be fully occupied.


To enter the Auditorium, please use door 5 which is located just past the bar. There are arrows on the floor to guide you from the Box Office. Due to the one-way system we are not using the usual double doors at the back of the auditorium for access.


Just before you enter the auditorium you will be asked if you have checked in via the QR scan, if not we will need to confirm your details including a contact number for the Track & Trace system.

Bar service is from seat only and the time we have is limited so it is vital to arrive early. A team member will take your order and payment and return with your drinks. This service is available until about 10 minutes before the performance begins. 

PLEASE NOTE: The sale of alcohol will be dependent on the new tier regulations.

Once inside the auditorium you will notice that every other row and certain seats will have red crosses on them. These seats must NOT be sat in for Social Distancing reasons.

Seating01 web

If you wish to leave the auditorium to visit the foyer then please use door 6 which is the door at the back of the auditorium on the left-hand side.

Because we are using a one-way system you will need to access the auditorium from door 5 which is where you first entered from. The foyer double doors are currently not in use. The doors closest to the Ladies is a ‘pinch point’ and are for staff & emergency use only. The doors closest to the Box Office are the EXIT from the auditorium.


When the performance ends we would ask that patrons leave by the nearest available exit from the auditorium. If you need the toilet or are awaiting a taxi, then please use door 6 and remember to social distance whilst in the foyer.

Please be respectful and considerate of our staff and other patrons whilst in the theatre. We MUST follow the rules at all times.

A face covering MUST be worn at all times except when consuming refreshments in your seat. 



Graham Cole moves from Friday 30th April to Saturday 26th June 2021

Those were the Days (Andy Eastwood) moves from Sunday 11th April 2021 to Saturday 3rd July 2021

Supersonic 70s moves from Friday 5th February to Saturday 5th February 2022

Exciting Science moves from Saturday 13th February to Sunday 27th February 2022

Ceri Dupree (A Star is Torn) moves from Friday 26th February 2021 to Friday 25th February 2022

Think Floyd moves from Saturday 27th February to Sunday 31st October 2021

Ricky Nelson ‘Travelin Man’ moves from Friday 5th March 2021 to Saturday 2nd July 2022

The Opera Boys moves from Saturday 6th March 2021 to Saturday 26th March 2022

Ultimate Classic Rock moves from Sunday 7th March to Friday 25th March 2022

Gingerland moves from Wednesday 17th March to Saturday 9th April 2022

Sensational 60’s moves from Friday 19th March to Saturday 19th March 2022

The Bohemians moves from Saturday 20th March to Saturday 12th February 2022

Theatre Train moves from Sunday 21st March to Sunday 28th November 2021

Calling Planet Earth moves from Saturday 27th March to Saturday 26th Feb 2022

Paul Eastwood Waves of Laughter moves from Saturday 3rd April 2021 to Sunday 12th September 2021

The Fizz moves from Friday 9th April 2021 to Sunday 6th February 2022

The Ladyboys of Bangkok moves from Thursday 15th April 2021 to Thursday 21st April 2022

Menopause the Musical 2 moves from Friday 16th April 2021 to Sunday 10th April 2022

Steve Hewlett moves from Saturday 10th April 2021 to Friday 1st April 2022

Spirit of The Blitz moves from Sunday 11th April to Saturday 21st May 2022

Wired for Sound Cliff Richard moves from Sunday 18th April 2021 to Sunday 3rd April 2022

Beatlemania moves from Friday 23rd April 2021 to Friday 4th February 2022

Sleeping With Beauty Moves From Saturday 24th April 2021 to Saturday 2nd April 2022

Big Girls Don’t Cry moves from Friday 30th April to Saturday 7th August 2021

The Legends of American Country moves from Friday 7th May 2021 to Friday 6th May 2022

Herman’s Hermits moves from Friday 14th May to Friday 8th April 2022

The Matt Monro Story moves from Friday 21st May to Saturday 14th May 2022

 Come What May moves from Sunday 23rd May to Friday 4th march 2022

The Counterfeit 60’s moves from Friday 28th May 2021 to Friday 27th August 2021

The Story of Guitar Heroes moves from Saturday 29th May 2021 to Friday 13th May 2022

Lipstick On Your Collar moves from Sunday 4th July 2021 to Saturday 9th July 2022

Rabbit Rabbit Chas’n’Dave moves from Sunday 29th August 2021 to Friday 22nd July 2022

The Jersey Beats moves from Friday 12th November 2021 to Friday 29th April 2022

Michael King: On Tour With Elvis is cancelled but returns for 2022

Ireland the Show on Sunday 14th March is cancelled

Henry Blofeld Saturday 22nd May is cancelled.

Foster and Aleen on Thursday 29th April is cancelled.

The Counterfeit 70s on Friday 27th August is cancelled.

If you are exempt from wearing a mask you can (but it is not law) download a badge or card to your phone or print them. Please click HERE for the Government website page.