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Menopause the Musical 2.

SUNDAY 10TH APRIL 2022, 7.30pm 


MTM221 A5 Cast TBA UK (1)


It’s our brand-new show, Cruising Through Menopause. In the hysterical sequel to our smash-hit Menopause The Musical®, we fast forward five years to catch up with the same four characters for tales of their lives, loves and losses as they set off on the high seas.

Hot flushes, mood swings, memory lapses, weight gain – these are a few of our favourite menopausal things!  Cruising Through Menopause is a hilarious, heartfelt, reassuring and unflinching look at the joys of menopause and friendship.  When your life is a bumpy ride full of twists and turns, it’s hard to find true friends.  But step on board and we’ll take you on a trip of self-discovery, love and friendship all backed by a soundtrack of brand-new toe-tapping parodied hits!

For these four ladies the menopause was not the beginning of the end, but the beginning of a beautiful friendship where love conquers, and friendships never fail.

So, all aboard and we’ll have you laughing, singing and maybe even dancing on-stage, as you join us for Menopause The Musical 2 – Cruising Through Menopause.

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Age advisory 16+

Coronavirus Update



If you feel unwell you should not travel to the theatre. Please email or leave a phone message before the performance so the theatre can arrange a credit note. (We cannot do this once the performance has started)

The Government are keen for everyone to self test and we would actively encourage all visitors to the theatre to do this.

 On arrival we would remind you to observe Social Distancing measures and to wear a mask when in the building. There are plenty of hand sanitiser stations around the foyer and where possible we would ask that you pay for drinks and refreshments with a card.

Shows before June 21st will be at reduced capacity and any alcohol bought from the bar MUST be consumed at your seat in the auditorium. Interval drinks can be pre ordered at the bar to be collected during the interval. We are operating a One-Way system to help minimise contact. (after the 21st we expect all restrictions to be lifted)

We are asking customers to minimise movement around the building as much as possible and would like to make you aware that we will be opening doors to allow plenty of fresh air before the show, during the interval and at the end. 

Face coverings should be worn inside the auditorium at all times except when eating or drinking. Please do not get up and dance or sing along. (This is part of the Government guidance which we must comply with.)

Please be considerate of those around you and of our staff.


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Michael King: On Tour With Elvis is cancelled but returns for 2022

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Foster and Aleen on Thursday 29th April is cancelled.

The Counterfeit 70s on Friday 27th August is cancelled.

If you are exempt from wearing a mask you can (but it is not law) download a badge or card to your phone or print them. Please click HERE for the Government website page.