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A Tribute to Cliff Richard & the Shadows

Friday 5th October 7.30pm


Jimmy Jermain & The Rapiers combine in this highly believable show, giving an unrivalled performance as Cliff & The Shadows. Jimmy & the band will transport you back to those early days of pop as he performs all of Cliff’s hits in an evening of fabulous nostalgia.

Jimmy is now firmly established as The U.K. Number 1 Cliff Richard Tribute, and was delighted to play Sir Cliff in the West End as well as going on to win TV’s Stars in their Eyes.

If you love Cliff, this show is not to be missed.


The Rollin’ Clones

Friday 2nd November 7.30pm

rolling clonesweb

Keith Richards cannot be killed by conventional weapons” – Del Preston, Wayne’s World 2.

We’re choosing to believe this is true. How else could you explain the fact that despite fifty years of death, drugs, destruction and falling out of coconut trees, the greatest show on earth is still on the road?

While not quite of the same vintage, The Rollin’ Clones have been entertaining crowds across the country for over seventeen years, distilling the show down to a pure hit of rock ‘n’ roll, with a chaser of sequinned Glam.

From the early days of the rhythm and blues, through to the excesses of the 70s, The Rollin’ Clones’ rock ‘n’ roll show is a faithful interpretation of the biggest band ever’s greatest hits, delivered with a smirk and a wink, recalling the mischief making of Mr Jagger himself and remaining true to the spirit of the originals.